Monday, June 17, 2013

How To Recover Your Deleted MySpace Blog Posts and Photos - [Updated]

UPDATE - It now appears that MySpace is allowing users to download old blog posts. (See Update 2 below.) While this makes much of this post irrelevant it is good news for those who blogged a lot on MySpace.

How do you recover your deleted posts and photos from the old version of MySpace on the new MySpace? Short answer: Blog posts may be retrieved via Google Cache and photos may be under "Mixes".

Read on for a bit more information on ways you can possibly get your deleted MySpace blog posts and photos back.

Update 2 - (29 Oct 2013) A commenter below let us know that MySpace now allows you to download old blog posts.

"Hi Everyone! I just got an email today from MySpace saying our blogs are available for download. I signed on went under settings and downloaded my blog. it worked!"

Here's how to download old blog posts now (if you get lost or want more specifics check the blog download FAQ for more specifics):

  • Sign in to MySpace.
  • Click the "Settings" menu item on the left.
  • Select the "Profile" submenu (if it isn't automatically selected).
  • Look for the "Classic MySpace" section in the right settings pane.
  • Look for the "blogs" link in the following text (you can also try clicking this link which is that link copied from MySpace):
    • "Move your classic Myspace pics and playlists to your new account and request your classic Myspace blogs for download."
  • (Continued below)

MySpace > Settings > Profile > blogs

  • You will now see "Get your Classic Myspace Content" as the second pane and "Download your Classic Myspace Blogs" as the selected option on the third pane to the right.
  • Click the "Request your blog" button on the bottom of the far right pane.
  • According to the blog download FAQ "Once your blogs are ready." you will receive an email letting you know you can download them.
  • Once you receive the email go back to the same page you clicked "Request my blog" and there will be a "Download" button.
  • You download will be available for 30 days after you got the email.

Get your Classic Myspace Content > Request your blog

  • Once you click "Request your blog" you will see a "Your request had been submitted" dialog and the "Request your blog" will now change to "Your blogs are transferring".

"Your request has been submitted."

Now it's just a matter of waiting for your download to be ready. (I have no idea how long this takes.)

Now that MySpace allows downloading of old blogs the rest of this post is pretty much irrelevant but that's ok because MySpace listened to people and gave us the chance to download old blogs.

I haven't yet been able to download my posts but the request is in. When I do I may update this post to talk about what is actually downloaded.

Update 3 - (1 Nov 2013) I received the email stating I could download my blogs so I thought I would record the process if downloading the blogs.

Below is the email I received from MySpace.

MySpace Download Blogs Email

The text of the email reads:

"Your Myspace blogs are ready for download!
The wait is over. Your classic Myspace blogs are ready for download on your Settings page. 
From a desktop computer, go to your Settings page and follow the instructions to get started. Please be sure to download your content in the next 30 days. The link will expire and your blog content will no longer be available. 
If you have any questions about your blogs or content, we can help. 
We want you to know that your voice has helped us create some new and exciting features on Myspace. Stay up-to-date with new product releases and any site changes by connecting to us on AskMyspace.

Thank you,
The Myspace team"

After this was a big blue "Download Your Blogs" button.

The "Download" button appears on MySpace.

The link in the email takes me to the MySpace page where I originally requested my blogs for download (see Update 2).

To get back to this you would click "Settings" then the word "blogs" in the paragraph in the second right column. This is the same as how to get to the page as in Update 2.

Clicking the "Download" button downloads a "" file to your computer.

Opening the .zip file I found 2 HTML files.

2 HTML files inside the

Opening one of the HTML files in a browser we get something that looks like this:

Downloaded MySpace blog post HTML file.

This is fairly bare-bones format but should allow people to go back and import their posts into something like a free account as a new.

If you are going to import your old blog posts into a new blog you'll be doing it one post at a time. You can copy and paste the test by opening the HTML file for each post in a web browser.

Also note that in Blogger you can modify the date of the post to make it appear the blog posts were posted on the original date that you made your MySpace blog post. To do this look for the "Schedule" and then "Set date and time" button.

As an example here is a blog post that I imported into by own Blogger blog from my MySpace downloaded blogs.

We asked that MySpace (finally) answered. We can now have our old blog posts and even put them back up somewhere else if we want to take the time.

What follows below isn't as relevant as it was when I first wrote the post.

Update 1 - Commenter Vanessa pointed us to this blog update from which seems to indicate that blogs may be safe but they are trying to decide how to return them. Text below.

"Thank you everyone for your feedback regarding your classic Myspace blogs. We understand that this information is very important to you and apologize for not providing an answer sooner. Please understand that your blogs have not been deleted. Your content is safe and we have been discussing the best ways possible to provide you your blogs.

Please don't let this keep you from exploring many of Myspace's features, artists, and content while we finish off the final details.

We will update this area with more information as it develops. In the meantime, enjoy the new Myspace!"

Time will tell if they restore them. Until then read on for how to do it now.

Recovering Photos

If you chose to import photos when converting your old MySpace Account to a new MySpace account you will find your photos under the "Mixes" link (yes it makes no sense to me ether) in your MySpace menu.

When going through the account coversion process make sure you click the large "Photo Albums" (and "Playlists" if you want). A blue check mark will appear on the top right of the icon to show you are importing old photos.

If you didn't choose to import the photos you may be able to with MySpace's "Classic Import Tool".

MySpace "Transfer music and photos" when converting accounts.

Once this was complete my photos were put into a folder called "Classic - My Photos" under the "Mixes" menu item on the main MySpace page.

Old photos moved to "Classic - My Photos" mix under "Mixes"

Recovering Old MySpace Blog Posts

Recently MySpace seems to have deleted all of users blogs (See MySpace Punishes Its Few Remaining Friends By Vanishing Their Blogs).

The ability to recover old MySpace blog posts is far less straight forward. We will be attempting to recover them from a Googles cache of the page.

Inspired by a suggestion from the above link we were able to recover out own old MySpace blog posts.

To try to recover them you start by searching on the Google homepage for the URL for your MySpace blog.

Search for the following text but replace "username" with your own username.

(To find your user name look in the address bar when you are logged in to MySpace. For instance my address bar shows "" My username will then be "jimyounkin" and that is what I would insert instead of "username".)

Note: Make sure you are doing this on the actual Google home page and not into something like an omnibar on the Chrome browser that functions as both an address bar and a search bar.

Choosing the Cached Version In Google

When you search for the above URL in the google search box the results may show your MySpace blog as one of the results. You can tell by looking at the URL listed in the result.

If you do find your old MySpace blog in the search results press the tiny "down arrow" triangle next to the URL in the results and choose "Cached" from the drop down (see below).

Selecting the "Cached" version of a URL in Google.

Saving The Old Blog Posts

Once you select "Cached" you may be taken to a cached (saved/buffered) version of your old MySpace blog posts.

If you are able to see old blog posts you will need to copy and save them into something like a text document or even a new text document in Google Drive.

Below is what the Google cached version of my MySpace blog posts looked like as of 17 June 2013.

A Google cache of my MySpace blog posts.

You may want to try the "Text Only Version" that is in the upper right of the page to get a text-only version to make saving your posts it even easier.

The text only version of my cached MySpace blog posts.

Advanced users (those that are savvy with things like HTML) may be able to grab the text, links and all, by copying and pasting it into something that support hyperlinks or by right clicking and viewing the source of the webpage to copy the source code.

You could also set up a free blog on and re-post all of your original MySpace blog posts.

In doing so you can even change the post dates in of each post in Blogger to match the original post date. This way the posts will even have proper chronology.

If you do find your old MySpace blog posts be sure to make a copy of them as soon as you can. There is no guarantee that the cache will be there forever.


While I never really got into using MySpace to blog I know some of my friends who did and they were very distraught when it all went  away.

It seems very callous and frankly a kick in the teeth of its most dedicated older users to simply "disappear" their old content.

Hopefully MySpace will reverse the decision to delete everyone's old blog post forever.

If you're interested in trying to make your voice here you can sign the (verbosely named) "Rupert Murdoch of Newscorp, Justin Timberlake (owners of the NEW myspace): Release access to Classic Myspace Blogs, messages and videos." petition on As of last check (7.6.13) it has over  50% of the signatures needed (305 out of 500).

Until then I hope the above information can help some of you who want to save your old MySpace blog posts and photos.

If you have any questions or more information to add to help those trying to recover deleted MySpace blog posts please let us know below.


  1. Thank you for the support!

    I don't think you have to be tech savvy though to get the whole page --- don't worry about the source code. When I did this, I just right clicked and downloaded the cached html page. I also have been able to follow links, as long as they weren't internal myspace links.

    1. Glad it helped and thanks for the tip.

  2. But unfortunatly it did not work for the all blog, I could get back some articles but not all. Some when I press on cache do not bring me anywhere. It is an error. And some articles I cannot find them on Google even if I put the key words, and everything. But much thanks!!! Better than nothing. I could save 18 articles.

  3. Thank you for this! I did find that it recovered my three last blogs, but when I needed to advance to the next page or "more" to see the older blogs, I was sent to the new MySpace page and given an error. Those older blogs were important to me, and were about my father's illness and passing. They were a diary of sorts, and it feels like a staunch violation that they were removed.

    1. Yes. It seems like MySpace is really hurting the people who were its most active users with this. They could have at least offered a way to export blogs even if they didn't offer blogs on the new version of the site. and Wordpress both offer an export.

      My advice would be to start a blog and try to re-write what you can. Even though it won't be perfect it will be something.

      Also I would contact MySpace customer support and express your dissatisfaction and ask them to allow a way for people to get their old posts back. That's the only way they might change.

      Even then, they've squandered what little good will people may have had for them.

  4. Help me! I've just found that ALL my post are been removed from myspaceprofile! Six years of posts! I can't understand why but i need to find them.. can you help me please?

    1. I can't help more than what is listed above. MySpace simply deleted everyone's posts. You can try contacting MySpace and ask them to allow a way to export them but its up to MySpace at this point.

  5. Thanks for this post. Unfortunately, I found it too late. I deleted my account yesterday because I thought that all of my content was deleted. I've contacted Myspace's help account on twitter but they say everything is gone since I deleted my account. I am trying to see if they have backups stored on a server or whatever they use to host all of the users' accounts.

    I am truly dismayed by Myspace and their actions. I've probably lost a good good 2-3 years worth of private messages, blog posts, and photos. All because of their lack of consideration for their users.

    Do you think that there is anyway possible for them to retrieve data from my deleted account? I was able to search for my page through the google search but I just get the 404 error. My last hope is that they have some kind of backup system where things aren't deleted right away....

    1. Trying to search for the old URLs on The Wayback Machine at is likely you one little sliver of a chance. Sorry.

  6. I read that they will be fixing the issue. The blogs are apparently still there but not viewable. Please see

    1. This is good news. Hopefully they will fix the issue. Thanks.

  7. Great Way to get access to blogs and images. I am also a myspace user and many times I have lost my images on it. I was not aware that we can access them again. Thanks a lot buddy for sharing informative post.

  8. Unfortunately, everything that I pull up says that is veiwable by freinds only. I was hoping this would work for me, I lost so much.

    1. Sorry to hear. Hopefully they will make it right and allow people to restore things.

  9. Thanks Jim. Fortunately, I grabbed ALL my stuff right after they violated everyone's privacy by OPENING BACK UP ALL BLOGS! I had intentionally set certain things to "private / friends only" and, at some point, MySpace banished those settings and made blogs WIDE OPEN again. At that point (maybe they correct that later, not sure), I downloaded all my MySpace blogs and saved them in multiple locations. BOYCOTT NEWSCORP! BOYCOTT TIMBERLAKE! Until they bring back peoples' blogs!

    1. You're one of the lucky few it seems. lol It really amazing they didn't think people would, oh I don't know, want their stuff. Or at least give people a chance at get an archive before it was removed.

  10. And yes, Wayback machine may be a way to get some blogs back. That said, I'm sure MySpace hasn't deleted the blogs, just that they scr*wed everyone and made a horrible business decision to NOT have blogging as a part of their platform - it's part of their "make-under" - trying to be more like FaceBroke (aka Facebook) - fb never allowed blogs, just sort of 'streams' and 'updates' and whatever - that was a HUGE difference that made me LIKE MySpace - they allowed blogging!

    Grudgingly, I have to admit I [sort of] like the new MySpace, but it is confusing and takes some getting used to (not as bad as Microsoft's Windows 8 fiasco, though).

  11. I went to my son's MySpace page ...he passed on in meant a lot to me to see his words on there....he was 23....have tried to retrieve the page and cannot....I cannot read his words, they are gone..I tried what you suggested, it did not work. I even called the Specific Media LLC and asked them if they at least archived people's pages. I left them messages. I guess his page meant a lot to me, and now I cannot see it anymore. Not his words.

    1. Sorry to here. Hopefully if enough people request at least being able to download an archive of blog posts they will listen.

  12. i have tried multiple times, it wont bring up anything for me! is my book forever lost?! T.T i worked Soooo hard on it and now its just gone myspace fucked up big time and is gunna lose the rest of the people that may have slightly supported them

  13. When I searched for the URL using my specific username, it's the first link in the final search page, but it is the only link that doesn't have an arrow next to it to select. does that mean that it just is no longer available? thank you..

    1. I'm not an expert in Google but it would appear so. Sorry.

  14. Yeah, cached posts only go back so far. Since blogs stopped existing two months ago, those of us who just found out about this are now out of luck. I like my crappy poems and sometimes get a kick out of old messages, but some of the stories of what people lost humble me and I hope for their sake this glaring oversight is fixed.

  15. Update! This feature will be available the first week of September while we test some things out over the Labor Day weekend. We will update you all once the submission process can be started. In the meantime, read below so you fully understand how to submit the proper request.

    Thanks for your patience everyone! You guys have been great.


    It has been a big year and we have been busily working to get your questions answered and make sure your voices gets heard. This is the first step in getting your classic Myspace blogs back into your hands while our teams finish packaging them all up for you.

    Before you get started
    We will email you a link to download your blog entries once the download is ready. Make sure you have your most current/used email address associated to your account. If you need to change your email visit your settings page.

    How do I retrieve my blog?
    To request your blogs, visit your settings page and select Request your blog. Once your blogs are ready, you will receive an email that will notify you that your blogs are ready to go. Visit your settings page where you requested your blogs and click the Download button. Its as easy as that.

    1. There is no spot in the settings to request you blogs.....

    2. Will we ever be able to get messages back?

    3. I don't know about messages.

    4. Please tell me it isn't too late to still retrieve my blogs? I am behind the times here and would like my writings back :(

    5. You can certainly follow the instructions above and try. I haven't had a need to recover mine but others have had success.

  16. (I am french) if I undertand well, it is possible:)
    I read on my myspace:
    Move Photos from Classic Myspace
    Move Playlists from Classic Myspace
    Download your Classic Myspace Blogs
    We are hurrying as fast as we can to put together your Classic Myspace blogs for you. In order to make sure you are set to go, take a few minutes to check out the FAQs so there are no surprises.

  17. I was just now the 500th to sign the petition! And then I came back to finish reading the comments here. Looks like we might get the blogs back? I've been slow to update myself on this whole ordeal. Only discovered what they did about a week or so ago and I've been sick to my stomach. No only am I a writer, but this was my first social network experience. Man, I hope they can really gather that archive. Now I may go back to journaling with pen and paper.

  18. i tried to follow ur step..but there hv no CACHED tab there..only SHARE

  19. Hi Everyone! I just got an email today from myspace saying our blogs are available for download. I signed on went under settings and downloaded my blog. it worked!

    1. That is great news! I'll update the post.

  20. (sorry if this is a double post ...didn't see a confirmation)
    I just got an email today from myspace stating blogs are available for download. I logged on went under settings and downloaded my blog. it worked! :)

  21. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This post couldn't have come at a better time. I was desperately trying to recover my blog posts yesterday, and this saved me. I was a little disheartened when the FAQ stated my blogs would be ready "in a few short months," but pleasantly surprised to see that they were ready this morning. SO thankful. I'm in the process of transferring the posts to BlogSpot and gave you props there :)

  22. Sad to say I can't upload blog via my iPad..... And have no computer.... So it's a complete loss to me :(

    1. Perhaps you could use an internet connected computer at a library or internet cafe. Also perhaps you have a friend or relative who could let you use there computer.

  23. sorry but i am not so really understand about recovering the comment and private message? can you explain it with an easy term. i am not so really good in english

    1. I only talk about recovering (now downloading) old blog posts. I don't think you can recover old comments or private messages.

  24. It says my old account is already connected to a different account...? :(

  25. We can't recover our old private messages? I had a lot of memories over the years and now there gone :(

  26. I need to get all my old pic off my old MySpace page, but its been years since I've been on it. I dont use my old email address and I don't remember the password for it. I don't know what I can do. I had all my old pictures on my computer but it crashed. I lost everything.

  27. I cant get into my old MySpace page. I lost all of my pictures on my computer and I can't get them back. I have not been on MySpace for years so I don't remember the password and i don't use the same email address. What do I need to do?

    1. I think your best bet is to gain access to your old email address. Once you have access to it then do a "forgot password" on MySpace. Other than than check MySpace help to see if they tell how to gain access to an account if you don't have access to the email anymore.

  28. How do we get our comments back? Same process? I REALLY need to look back at them!

    1. I'm not sure. I haven't heard of being able to recover comments, just blog posts. I could be wrong.

  29. Thank you - I was very bummed to lose my blogs and very happy to be able to get them again, thanks to your instructions :-)

  30. My wife and I actually met through Myspace & always loved feeling nostalgic and looking back through our comments & messages. I can't believe that they did this without any warning. Wishing now that I would have copied & pasted them into a word document or something at least.

  31. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I had published some original poetry and somehow failed to keep the notebook original. You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate your assistance in me being able to get these blogs back!

    1. Glad it helped and glad you got your poetry back!

  32. i dont suppose you know how to retrieve the comments from the blog posts?

    1. I do not. I'm not sure comments are part of the archive. Sorry.

  33. Looks like my photos are gone. I didn't check on it last year and now - yikes. Wanted to revisit and download some but too late now. When I go to the transfer to make mixes no photos exist so they must have deleted them all !